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Should A Pastor’s Wife Send Him Nudes? 0

Should A Pastor’s Wife Send Him Nudes?

So earlier today, news made rounds about a pastor whose wife sent nudes meant for him to the church WhatsApp group, with a caption that said, “All these for you when you get back”. 

2017 Movie Wrap Up 

2017 witnessed an increase in the number of Nollywood films showing at the cinemas. However, in my opinion, not all should have found their way to the cinema in the first place. Let’s have a general review of 2017 movies.

Financial Mistakes Students Are Making Without Knowing It

Unfortunately financial education is not included in the Curriculum for Nigerian Students. As a result, most students are void of the much needed financial know-how in order to ensure they spend their years through University being in the best financial state possible. Here are seven basic financial mistakes students make without knowing: 

Wedding Party 2: The Review

It is no news that Wedding Party 2 hit N312m in less than 20 days at the cinema, in fact, it is the second highest grossing Nigerian film. However, we need to ask, did we really need a Wedding Party 2?!



The year 2017 has been a big year in Fashion and menswear have evolved than ever apparently maybe because men are becoming more self aware this days. social media have been so helpful in...

New Year Resolutions

So Much Ado About New Year Resolutions

So, I got the inspiration to write this following the endless new year resolutions I was opportuned to read through November, December and in the two weeks of January so far. Social media has...

Social Media Can Make Or Mar You

There is something about social media. It takes away our inhibitions. It’s a lot like drinking; it makes you braver than you might be in real life. It makes you bold — makes you show a nipple or two, three of you have an extra one.