Tips Sure To Make You Unsuccessful 

Over time, one gets tired of hearing motivational speeches focused on how to become successful. The speakers who emphasize this, somehow, have not realised that people may have settled into hearing about success and how to become successful. So, how about we tell you how to become unsuccessful…which is sure to get you sitting up since nobody ever wants to be unsuccessful.

  • Never ever discuss solutions, always focus on the problems: Yes! This is a sure way to become unsuccessful. Don’t ever invest time in thinking about how things can be better, or ideas to solve a problem, instead keep focusing on why the problem exists and what the causes of the problem are.
  • Never learn anything outside your comfort zone: Be proud, after all you know everything. What can they possibly teach you and besides it is so much stress. Too much stress may kill you. So why not be comfortable with what you already know.
  • Always spend time with others: Never spend time alone. There would be too many ideas and solutions on how to move forward in life flooding through your thoughts and you may just get a headache. So instead, spend all your time with other people, be the life of the party, have fun after all life is too short.
  • Always treat yourself to the best pleasure life can possibly offer: Never save. Why should you? Would you take the money to heaven when you die? No! Instead, eat! drink! live and be merry! There would always be more tomorrow!
  • Live in the past or future: You have gone through so much, it is just better to sit still and think about the past and how you would do better in future. Don’t actually do! Don’t act! Just sit and think about all those times things didn’t go well and how the future is bound to be so much better. 

You obviously know that I mean the reverse yeah? Everything written above are things that should be avoided in your quest for success. Now go into the world and conquer!

By Blessing Iyamadiken 

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