Time Management – Balancing Real Time With Clock Time

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Time management is one aspect of running a business which most entrepreneurs struggle with. The first key to understanding the concept of time is knowing that there are two types of time: Clock time and Real time. 

Clock time is time as people know it. 60 seconds make a minute, 60 minutes make one hour, 24 hours make one day. Real time is relative. Working on a project for two hours can seem like you have been working on it for 16 years, and your 16 year olds look like they grew up in 2hours.

Finding a way to balance the clock time with real time is the key to effective time management. But how do you go about that:

1. Always have a schedule: This would help you understand how much you can do and within what space of time. You would be able to see how much time is being used up in unproductive thoughts, discussions etc.

2 Always set a deadline: When a task is important to your career or success, it is important to set a deadline. Setting a deadline is not the only thing to do as you need to also follow through with it. Create time blocks for high priority thoughts and conversations.

3. Start your day earlier than normal: Starting your day at least one hour before you normally do will help you organize your schedule for the day, plan your thoughts etc.

4. Block distractions from social media: One can get carried away with social media that so much time flies by without you having any idea. Once you are about to get to work, turn off your data connection and you will be surprised how much work you will achieve.

5. Put up a “DND” sign: Put up a sign that says “Do Not Disturb” whenever you are about to work, so that people know you are busy and knowt not to disturb.

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