Social Media Can Make Or Mar You

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There is something about social media. It takes away our inhibitions. It’s a lot like drinking; it makes you braver than you might be in real life. It makes you bold — makes you show a nipple or two, three if you have an extra one. Social media should require some sort of certificate of common sense to open an account. There are just some things you should never do, like; 

1. Post anything offensive.

 For as handy as the delete option is, nothing online is ever delete-able. Ever. Just ask any celebrity who has ever posted something stupid on Twitter. Better yet, Google it. You’ll see for yourself.

2. Discuss personal habits.

 No one really needs to know if you pick your belly button lint and smell your finger after. Keep them to yourself.   3. Complain about finances.

 Unless you have an actual complaint, like the ridiculous rise in the cost of the EpiPen or other life-saving needs — not because the inflation of recreational weed is consuming all of your extra income and you can’t make rent.

4. Post nude pictures or videos.

Too bad mainstream media has made nudity a common and ordinary act, but in the true sense,having nude or semi-nude images of the yourself on social media platforms isn’t the most ideal of situations. For one thing, nothing ever gets deleted on the internet and one unhealthy picture may cost you a job or a dream career. On another note, there are a ton of stalkers online and you really don’t want to wind up on the ogle list of one of them.

5. Share unverified information

We all have that habit of trying to be the first to post the latest trends and news on our social media accounts. But please, verify your information before posting it because you don’t really know who’s reading it. Unverified information has caused a lot of problems for people particularly in regards to sensitive news or trends. 

I’m sure we’ve all been guilty of some of the aforementioned. But then there are a lot we could do on social media. Things like:

1. DO make sure that you carefully screen online friends or followers.

 If you cannot keep your online circle just within your friends and family, make sure that the “strangers” you accept online are real people.

 Fake profiles are a dime a dozen nowadays, ran by identity thieves to “troll” or threaten people online. If you are not careful with who you accept within your social media circle, you might fall as a victim.

2. DO respect the opinions of other Citizens online, or netizens.

Unfortunately everyone is itching to be savage, especially on Twitter. At times it’s funny and everyone has a good laugh, but other times it’s just outright rude and uncalled for. No one is saying don’t be savage, but be savage in a manner that is subtle and funny.

3. Be Creative

Be Creative with your posts. Life’s too short to be boring. Take that risk, post something inspiring, or cheesy, or both. Who knows, you may just inspire someone else.

4. Showcase your talent.

Whether you’re a poet, writer, artist, artiste, software designer, web designer, graphics designer, etc, always showcase your works on social media platforms. Who knows, your breakthrough might be as a result of that retweet or that Facebook like. 

5. Build your personal brand

 Social media managers should be aware that as much as they are helping other brands amplify their voice, they should also spend time creating theirs as well. Your personal brand takes you far in social media, and so it is therefore important to create yours while you create others. A personal brand can mean everything from the next job to the next solid friendship, or pushing a growing business brand for yourself. 

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