Movie Review – Silverspoon Directed by Desmond Elliot

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First of all, this movie had all the stars that would make you yearn to watch it. Talk about Desmond Elliot, Ayo Adesanya, Wole Ojo, Yvonne Jegede, all in one movie. 

(By the way, why is nobody talking about the fact that Desmond Elliot who we all grew up watching and crushing on, is now playing “fatherly roles”?) Desmond Elliot played the role of the father to Ella Henshaw (Sophia Alakija), a smart 24 year old who just recently took over the running of his company. 

The story is one which is very simple, no complications or twists and turns. It is about Ella Henshaw who is supposed to marry a rich man already brought forward by her parents, but suddenly falls in love with her Personal Assistant. 

Wole Ojo plays the role of Segun the personal assistant and he does it very well. The guy from the poor background who finds love in his boss. One’s problem with accepting the movie begins with some scenes that are misarranged. In one scene, Segun (Wole Ojo) is embarrassed by Ella’s parents and in the next scene, Ella has locked herself in her room and has refused to eat, in the scene following that, Woke Ojo is just returning from the embarrassment at Ella’s house and his mother is warning him to leave Ella alone.

By the way, is it realistic to catch your boyfriend leaving a hotel with a girl and not call him out immediately, but rather wait for days when he comes to pay a visit at the office before calling him out? 

All in all, the movie was an “okay” movie. Nothing too spectacular, there was no overacting and everyone was well suited for their role.

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