Movie Review: by Walter ‘Waltbanger’ Taylaur

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The movie tells the story of an ambitious lady, Abby Bello played by Beverly Naya. She is murdered at her home on her wedding anniversary and the two main suspects turn out to be her husband, Tony Bello played by Alex Ekubo, and, her colleague Brume, played by Blossom Chukwujekwu.

They are both drilled by the investigating officers Detective Komolafe played by OC Ukeje and Officer John Okoli played by Tope Tedela. We are sure that one of them must have committed the crime. Soon, our bets were cast in iron against her colleague, Brume after his ring is found at the crime scene and his secretary who turns out to be Wofai Fada, bears witness to his very hot temper. However, he was not to be found guilty as soon, fresh evidence arose against her husband, Tony.

The plot twist occurs when we find out that it was actually her brother who murdered her. is a movie that would keep you on your seat till the end, guessing the next move. It is very obvious that a lot of thought process must have gone into the casting and directing of the movie, as it was almost perfect. Though we enjoyed the climax of the movie, it would have been nicer if his character was built up through the movie.

I have a few questions. How did her colleague know that she was at home, seeing that she was supposed to be at the hotel room with her husband. Also, is it really possible for a man to invite his mistress over to the hotel room just as soon as his wife leaves? Especially when they are in  celebration mode.

We definitely had fun trying to decipher who the killer was. If you are looking for thriller in the Nollywood, this movie is it. It was suspense filled to the very end. Little hints were dropped through out the movie that led to a build up that made sense at the end. There was no over acting by any of the casts and I must say that Beverly Maya and OC Ukeje killed it with their beautifully acted out scenes; we expected more from Alex Ekubo though. 

The movie was produced and directed by Walter ‘Waltbanger’ Taylaur, and was based on an original story titled “The Chase Game’ by Tunde Apalowo.

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