Lagos Is The New York Of Africa – Uti Nwachukwu

Apparently Uti Nwachukwu never thought he was handsome growing up. It would interest you to know that he actually thought he had weird facial features, until he came to Lagos and found out that these features would help him in the fashion industry. 

Prior to coming to Lagos, he attended the University of Nsukka where he bagged a two year diploma in Computer Science and Education. He was quite overwhelmed when he first moved to Lagos because everyone seemed to be in a hurry. Soon he came to the conclusion that Lagos is the New York of Africa. 

Trying to get modelling jobs was quite a task, as people wanted to take advantage of him, but in the end, he got his first job ( a billboard commercial) in 2007

Teaser: He had actually moved to Lagos in a bid to travel out after winning a Visa Lottery. Want to find out what went wrong? Why he couldn’t travel? Find out by watching the interview video. Click here.

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