Having These Qualities Would Cost You Your Job

Nobody wants to lose their job especially in our country where there is a high rate of unemployment and employees are considered very dispensable. So, here are five qualities you must avoid if you do not want to lose your job.

1. Tardiness: Nobody like a person who is generally ineffectual at their work or even delays at turning in tasks, gets to meetings late, never has an organized desk or work plan for the day. So unless, you are interested in being sacked, you should work on these habits.

2. Lying: Missrepresentkng your qualities on your CV or even credentials or intentionally plagiarizing, stealing the kudos for a co-workers’ accomplishments, or otherwise robbing your employers blind can all cost you your job. It is even unthinkable for a person to do any of these.

3. Poor e-mail communication: From not responding to your emails to not knowing how you come across in mails can cost you your job. You need to know how to send a mail. There are different mail tones for different people; (subordinates, superiors and peers)

4. Social Medja Addiction: Companies have started coming up with ways to check their employees use of social media when they are on duty. It is quite hard to convince a person that you have been working when you constantly update your social media account especially when your job does not involve social media.

5. Lone ranger: Most tasks at the office involve having to work together with others in a group. So, if you are a person who loves being on your own or working alone, you may be having a problem. You have to learn to work well with others as a team.

6. Temper tantrums: You know what temper tantrums show, that you cannot work under pressure. It would do you a lot of good to be able to keep your cool even when you are under attack from your superiors even if it is for something you may not be at fault for. At the end you are sure to score high on self control and even earn respect of your colleagues and superiors.

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