Stupid pick up lines that work!

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Pick up lines keep changing for the full time toasters who are still searching, perhaps the pick up lines some men use would reveal their age! Well, “a man gotta be a man” especially if the target is just about to leave the party or venue and in a desperate move you open your mouth as a man and this comes out to the amazement of the lady in question. In some cases we got feed backs from some men who were approached by ladies as well and we think for the men being approached by ladies gave them that “special feeling” however our society still frowns at the idea of men being approached by ladies, so ladies please be careful if you have to make the first move at your “bobo”

It was a whole day of laughter as we got feed backs from some of our friends and well wishers on whatsapp about this topic, the following are 5 lines we got from Nigerian men to women

  • Please what’s the time (lol, this is old, due to the fact that we have handsets and watches: Anyone who uses this line must be in their late forties)
  • Do you stay around here?(in this days of security consciousness, you can just give out your details, before the girl shouts  “armed robber or kidnapper” especially if its on the mainland. Our advice: your life is more important than the company of a lady. however if you live in ikoyi, lekki where everyone is comfortable with each other, you can use it and get away with it, however make sure she sees your porsche or designer watch)
  • What are you doing here? (lol, are you the police or her father, this is one line that would make your target laugh at your stupidity., which in return could strike a funny conversation from her )
  • Are you going my way? (hmm, who owns the car and who is driving? Are you a taxi driver? please find some thing else to say. our source however used it  while driving, he stopped for the girl who was under the hot sun and off course he won, especially in this days when transport is had to get in some places in Lagos)

And the raunchiest line ever: Hi, my house is old and i think your hotness can burn it for me. Lets go and set it ablaze! (got the girls laughing at the office and i guess that could spark a conversation if the lady in question has a sense of humor, however some ladies would give you the bad piece of their mind)

That’s all for this week would share some more stupid pick up lines that work next week!

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