Celebrity Marriage Review

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Celebrity Marriage is a movie that was aimed at showcasing the lives of celebrities – which include their marital crisis – while focusing on Rita and Faroukh’s marriage. 

Celebrity Marriage

Rita played by Toyin Abraham is going through domestic violence, with the culprit being her husband, Faroukh, played by Odunlade Adekola. These two actors on their own are great actors, but even when cast together, a few comedy scenes cannot forgive the inefficiencies of the movie.

First off,  a narrator for the movie was a very bad idea. The voice kept coming out of nowhere and even became annoying at a point. Not to mention the performance of some of the cast like Tonto Dikeh who played Stephanie, a young actress who just got married and has paused her career in order to enjoy her new home, her overacting game was on fleek as originality or should I say “realness” of her character was less than average. 

There were so many loose ends in the movie and it seemed like the director in conjunction with the screen writer were just interested in adding more characters to the movie instead of focusing on what seemed like the selling point of the movie itself – Rita and Faroukh’s marriage.

The writer of this movie managed to also tie in a bit of a lesbianism side to the movie by throwing in Victoria – played by Jackie Appiah – who was married to a footballer and kept having extramarital affairs with both men and women, but at the end it all fell to naught because the lesbianism story wasn’t well managed. 

The movie would have fared better without those three girls who lived together in a flat. Their scenes were long and really did not seem needed at the end. The best actor for me in this movie was Kanayo O Kanayo, who played Mr Gabriel. There was no overacting on his part, in fact I looked forward to his scenes because those were the scenes that seemed the realest. Though, everyone enjoyed the sync between Odunlade and Toyin. But like I said at the beginning, a few comedy throw-ins is not enough to forgive 1hr 50 minutes of being led round and round in circles.

I hope there would be no 2nd part, but if there would be, it should be carefully thought out and planned, with scenes well organized and less overacting on the part of the actresses.

This movie was directed by Paschal Amanfo and produced by Uchenna Mbunabo.
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