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Since 2006, Masih has been one of three executioners in Pakistan’s eastern city of Lahore, the capital of Punjab, the country’s most populous province. Although he says that he does not keep track, he claims to have hanged more than 250 people since he started work.

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Seeking to curb some of the worst urban air pollution in the world, China will join other nations to push for only electric vehicles on its city streets, eventually banning the sale and use of internal-combustion engines powered by fossil fuels.


UNITED States of America’s most celebrated brand, Apple, has bought Nigeria’s Chinedu Echeruo’s


One of the most important problems in mathematics – the Riemann Hypothesis – is said to have finally been solved by a Nigerian professor, Dr Opeyemi Enoch.


Following the return of President Buhari to the country on 19th August 2017, he addressed the nation this morning 21st August 2017. Below are parts of his speech:

My dear citizens,


​Rwanda’s incumbent president, Paul Kagame has won the Presidential election for a 3rd time extending his 17 year rule. But could this be a sign of fear among citizens of the country?


8th July would remain impressed on the minds of people who live on the island.