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​No matter how great the job interview goes, there’s always that one question that stops you short. What are you looking for in terms of salary? Such a straightforward question and yet, the answer is so complex.


Old age is one tiime when everyone wants to really relax, have fun with the family and forget that problems ever existed. However, hardly do most people ever get to experience this as they are always caught up in 


​Time management is one aspect of running a business which most entrepreneurs struggle with. The first key to understanding the concept of time is knowing that there are two types of time: Clock time and Real time. 


Have you ever wondered why people who seemed to do well in school tend to be average in real world, it is simply because they do not have deadlines to work towards especially as no one sets it for them anymore. Humans generally tend to be lazy when there are no longer deadlines to meet. On the other side, people who turn out successful set deadlines for their personal goals.


​Six Nigerian students out of 144 who were sponsored by the Presidential Amnesty Programme to study in British Universities have graduated with first class honours


Nobody wants to lose their job especially in our country where there is a high rate of unemployment and employees are considered very dispensable. So, here are five qualities you must avoid if you do not want to lose your job.


Over time, one gets tired of hearing motivational speeches focused on how to become successful.