7 Ways To Improve Your Productivity

​1. Don’t wait for other to set deadlines for you, set them yourself!

Have you ever wondered why people who seemed to do well in school tend to be average in real world, it is simply because they do not have deadlines to work towards especially as no one sets it for them anymore. Humans generally tend to be lazy when there are no longer deadlines to meet. On the other side, people who turn out successful set deadlines for their personal goals.

2. Track time like it is your bank account:

The essence of time cannot be overemphasized. We need to keep track of our time like we do bank accounts. Keep a time sheet and record how much time you spend on tasks. This would help cut the amount of time wasted. You can earn more money, but you cannot get back wasted time.

3.Stop working on your weaknesses, and focus on your strengths:

It is common to hear people talk about improving their weaknesses. But imagine all that time spent on improving your weakness was actually spent on your strengths. Imagine how skilled you would turn out. Imagine how exponential the growth would be than when you spend time on something you have no foundation in.

4. Rank tasks by importance, not the order you received them:

 Not every task is as important as the other, especially when they come in baggages, therefore, it is important to rank tasks according to how important they are not in the other of how they came. Get the vital ones out of the way before focusing on the ones with lesser importance,

5. Don’t be afraid to say NO!

Most times, we tend to bite off more than we can chew because we are afraid to say NO for reasons best known to us. It is good to know which tasks would impact our lives at every point in time of our lives and those that wouldnt. Break down big tasks into smaller tasks too so you don’t get choked. Sometimes, doing more doesn’t mean doing better.

6. Review your productivity at the end of each day:

Everyday, before going to bed, take the time to reflect what you have accomplished, and what could be improved.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What did I do well?
  • What did I do poorly?
  • Why did some things not work out as planned?
  • How can I improve tomorrow?

Reflecting helps you actively identify areas that need to be improved with respect to enhancing the productivity of your daily life. Even if you feel that the day went well, it can always be improved.

7. Start with the big picture and work down to the small details:

Ask yourself what the big picture is, then pen down ways in which you are going to work towards it. It is important to know what tasks are of more importance, immediate value and tasks that arent, relative to the big picture. Also pen down tasks that can be delegated to others and tasks that need to be worked on by you.

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