6 Jobs That May Not Be Around In 10 Years

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In the next 10 years, these jobs may cease to exist!

Retail Cashier: Retail cashier jobs are fast going into extinction especially with the influx of self service checkouts and automated processes. Already, developed countries have started implementing this at petrol stations, where there is no need for a petrol attendant.

Telemarketing: Less and less people are on the phone these days, as there are more and more social networks to keep in touch through. Email marketing is slowly becoming the main means of marketing ones goods and services.

Travel agents: With the advent of the Internet, more people can now book their flights, and buy their bus travel tickets online, by themselves and at cheaper rates. Thus killing the need for a travel agent.

Taxis: Ride sharing apps have come to take over the conventional “taxi life”. People can now share rides when going from point A-B, thereby reducing the need for taxis.

Publishers and Printers: Yes, this may be saddening, but it is the truth. Print is gradually giving way to digital media. And publishing online is something anybody with a phone and the basic knowledge of the Internet can do.

Post Office Jobs: Wait a minute! Do post offices still exist?! You get my point now, dont you? The world is at our fingertips. I can reach a person in Belgium as easily as I can reach someone in Australia.

Written by Blessing Iyamadiken

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