​Twitter Bants: Ronaldo vs Beyonce (Who Is More Popular?)

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So this afternoon, I came across a Twitter argument about who is more popular between Ronaldo and Beyonce. Guys kept picking Ronaldo, while girls obviously picked Beyonce.

Now for the life of me, I do not understand why and how you would think up an argument like this. I believe that Beyonce is more popular than Ronaldo because for obvious reasons which may not be so obvious to you if you are a man (talk about being biased).

I do not want to be subjective in this article so I would try to give you my reasons with as much objectivity as possible. 

1. Every lady the world over, even my baby sister knows Beyonce, but not every lady knows Ronaldo and we all know girls are much more than men in the world.

2. Football may be popular but it isn’t popular all over the world. It is not America’s major sport. Whereas, music and by default, Beyonce’s music is played not just in America but in all places football is played too.

3. Music is loved by everybody irrespective of gender, but football is mostly loved by men especially in Nigeria.

Do you think otherwise or do you think exactly as I do? Drop your comments in the comment section below.

Article: Blessing Iyamadiken 

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